Why use the Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud?
Is Mercury Cloud Right For Me?

You have choices... many choices actually, and making the right choice for your situation is very important. Assuming you have decided to implement Oracle software and are looking for an outsourced management solution, we strongly believe the Mercury Cloud is your answer. Of course, you still have many choices in selecting your outsourcing provider and we get that. So let's explore some of the reasons you should strongly consider Mercury Cloud.

First lets cover some important issues you need to address in your search:

Avoiding Long Term Commitment
Many vendors will require a 3 to 5 year commitment with severe penalties for leaving early. This leaves you with little recourse for poor performance or bad service and provides little incentive for your provider to improve.
Verifying Maturity
Company size does not indicate experience or expertise in hosting and managing Oracle systems. Find out how long they have been hosting E-Business Suite software and how many E-Business Suite systems they host.
Getting References and Following Up
Don't just ask for 1 or 2 companies. Get a list and select which ones you want to talk with. Then follow up and ask tough questions: Are they compensated for being a reference? What does the vendor need to improve most (no-one is perfect)?

Now that you're ready to start making a choice, let's discuss some of the reasons to choose Mercury Cloud...

Why use the Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud? Because it's fast!fast
The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is Fast!

Fast hardware, fast software, fast network, fast service. Fast is good! The speed at which we operate enables your business to better leverage your Oracle investment.

Application Performance
Your applications run better on Mercury Cloud. With the latest hardware, optimized networking, and system tuning expertise we have a platform built for speed. For products that require higher bandwidth Mercury has advanced network connectivity and optimization options available. Mercury Cloud ensures your applications run with exceptional response times from anywhere at anytime.
Service Response
Mercury has a dedicated team of technical support professionals working around the clock to provide a superior support experience. NO off-shore service centers taking calls and promising a call back, NO rotating pager support from off-duty technicians and DBAs. USA-based Mercury staff will answer your service requests within 15 minutes (we average less than 3 minutes) day or night, weekend or holiday.
Migrating to Mercury Cloud
We have streamlined the migration process to the Mercury Cloud. In extreme cases your migration can be completed in 2 weeks, however, in general a 2 to 3 month timeframe is appropriate. In addition, system downtime is minimized with as little as 4 hours required for the final cut-over.
Rapid Provisioning
Once requirements are finalized, new systems can be provisioned very quickly. With standing spare inventories, standardized build processes, and 24/7 staffing we can deliver your systems in a fraction of the time it takes for others to design, procure, install, and build. Rapid provisioning includes our ability to receive emergency support and parts from vendors. We maintain 24 hour service contracts with same day delivery for non-inventory components.

Why use the Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud? Because it's reliable!reliable
The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is Reliable!

Reliability is at the core of everything we do. We are not in the business of fixing problems - we prevent them. Stable, robust, and reliable platforms.

Robust Infrastructure
Mercury partners with AT&T Data Centers to provide an enterprise class Hosting and Networking platform. We provision the latest hardware (SAN, server, networking) for your systems and are constantly upgrading Mercury Cloud components. Keeping current is a challenge we take on for you, and regular cycles of hardware refresh provide a more supportable platform and actually reduces costs.
Reliability by Design
Mercury Cloud infrastructure is fully redundant and designed for automatic fail-over when needed. In addition to the AT&T network backbone we provision multiple ISPs and offer active/active or active/standby network options to eliminate single points of failure. By using system virtualization and on-site spare inventories we minimize restoration times for failed Server and SAN systems.
Minimizing Downtime
Mercury Cloud offers high availability solutions to reduce planned downtime for customers requiring seamless 24/7 operations. Applying distributed architectures, Oracle RAC, or Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 features allows us to limit downtime for patching and upgrade efforts.
Standing Behind Our Product
You have our full commitment backed up with financial penalties for non-performance. We have performance SLAs written into our contracts and do NOT require long-term commitments. You can cancel service with a simple 90 day notice. We wouldn't offer this if we weren't supremely confident in the reliability of our product and the quality of our service!

Why use the Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud? Because it's affordable!affordable
The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is Affordable!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but everyone recognizes good value. Automation and economies of scale bring Mercury Cloud within your budget.

Economy of Scale
Our goal is to commoditize the business of operating and maintaining Oracle software. Mercury Cloud reduces the costs of your system management platform by using pre-engineered system builds, automating complex tasks, and streamlining workflows. This allows us to offer our services to you at a fraction of your in-house cost.
Fixed Terms with Flexibility
Mercury Cloud programs are comprehensive and include everything needed to manage your systems at a fixed monthly fee. Most services come as part of our base package, even including proprietary offerings such as free software upgrades, unlimited environment refreshes, and business continuity services. We understand your requirements may change over time (expansion, enhancement, new initiatives) and we can flexibly extend your service program to meet your needs.
No Lock-In/Easy Out
Mercury has flexible pricing terms from 1 to 6 years - the longer the term the greater your discount. However, we won't hold you to a long term commitment. If you don't like our service you can leave with a simple 90 day notice. And we won't' make it difficult for you to migrate out of the Mercury Cloud - NO games, NO hurdles, NO penalty - a full backup of your system will be made available to you. We really do believe you will be thrilled with our service!

Why use the Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud? Because it's secure!secure
The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is Secure!

Data security is critical in the face of constant external threats. A secure system starts with technology and requires mature processes and controlled workflows.

Secure Technology
A secure infrastructure is a critical first step in mitigating threats. High security data centers and service centers assure only Mercury staff have physical access to your systems (biometric scans, video surveillance, and 24/7 guard service). Mercury Cloud uses CISCO enterprise components throughout its network grid - from border routers through multiple firewall layers into our core switching fabri. We use advanced security features only available with CISCO products. Our architectures recognize that security breaches can be two-way situations. We design your systems to ensure trouble neither gets inside nor gets outside our facilities.
Secure Resources
Security threats come from inside as well as outside. Mercury only uses US-based personnel - no off-shore support whatsoever - and does not contract out services (only Mercury employees). With extensive background checks and drug testing, we thoroughly vet every prospective employee.
Secure Workflow
A secure infrastructure must be augmented with proper standards, controls, and procedures. Segregation of duty, privileged access controls, and shared account limitations assure systems are accessible on a need-to-know basis. Strong password policies, secure protocol standards (network and server), and negative ACL policies mean your systems are built securely from the ground up.
Audit Assurance
Mercury Cloud pro-actively monitors for external threats, augmenting CISCO intrusion detection and prevention technology with access log analysis. We execute comprehensive security audits every year through our SSAE16/SOC1 operational audits - one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our SOC1 annual reports are used by many public and pre-IPO customers to demonstrate SOX Compliance.

The Mercury Cloud Customer Community

The Mercury Cloud does not focus on a single market "silo" or "vertical". We tailor service packages for small/medium enterprise as well as large multi-national corporations. Our customers range from internet start-ups and social media players to alternative energy and global retailers. Manufacturing, distribution, higher education, as well as those from highly regulated industries like utility companies are all clients of the Mercury Cloud. Let us know more about your company and we'll set-up a reference call with one of our similarly aligned customers!

The Mercury Cloud Customer Community
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Mercury Technology Customer - Port of Oakland
Port of Oakland
Mercury Technology Customer - Yokohama Tire
Yokohama Tire
Mercury Technology Customer - Brown Shoe Company
Brown Shoe Company
Mercury Technology Customer - Responsys
Mercury Technology Customer - Riverside Transit Agency
Riverside Transit Agency
Mercury Technology Customer - Nanosolar
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Southwest Windpower

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Press & Events

Mercury Technology has been active in the Oracle User Community for over 20 years. Whether participation or leadership... our involvement at conferences and events is integral in our outreach to clients, partners and future customers. We learn a lot at these events - from upcoming trends to existing issues and solutions - and we highly recommend you check out events near you.

Mercury Technology Group Announces a New Vice President of Application Services

June 16, 2017

Irvine, CA - Mercury Technology Group, Inc., the leading Oracle® Managed Application Services Provider, is pleased to announce the addition of Loren Joski, Vice President of Application Services, to the Mercury Executive team.

Loren's addition supports Mercury's commitment to improving our Oracle Managed Services capabilities helping customers meet strict business performance, uptime, reliability, governance, support, security, and business continuity requirements.

Brian Day, President and CTO of Mercury comments that "Loren's outstanding credentials, recognized leadership, and depth of executive experience are evidence of Mercury's commitment to attract the highest quality leadership available and support the continued expansion of our services portfolio."

Loren has an extensive leadership and technology background in Oracle Application software, Managed Services, and Cloud Hosting at multiple service providers. He most recently served as COO and prior to that was "Vice President of Professional Services" for an Oracle services firm.

Loren's experience, vision, and knowledge will compliment Mercury's executive team as we continue to aggressively broaden our service offerings and expand into new markets.

About Mercury Technology Group, Inc

Mercury Technology Group, is The Managed Application Cloud Services provider of choice for Oracle Software, Solutions and Support. Enhancing our growing Oracle Managed Services team solidifies our commitment to customers' success by optimizing system performance, uptime, security, compliance, and cost. Mercury offices are located in Irvine CA, Sterling VA, Chicago IL, Miami FL, Sunnyvale CA, Honolulu HI, Plano TX, and London UK.

For more information, visit www.mercurytechnology.com

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Come join us at one or more of these events. We enjoy seeing our customers, meeting new clients, and sharing with others. Come and see first-hand how the Mercury Cloud can improve your bottom line!

Get all the benefits of a SAAS solution without the costs of renting the software. Focus on running your business and leave the heavy lifting to us. Rest assured that your critical software applications are available, performing, and secure!