Mercury Technology Enterprise Application Cloud

The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is the convergence of advanced technology, engineering expertise, and best-in-class process. With over 20 years experience supporting Oracle products and 12 years hosting Oracle E-Business Suite we created a platform that provides the fast, reliable infrastructure your applications require with the timely service and support you demand.

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"Enterprise Cloud"
What is an 'Enterprise Cloud'

Enterprise applications require computing platforms tuned for optimal performance, hardened for robust / reliable operation, and secured against internal and external threats. An Enterprise Cloud is a specialized computing environment that offers these capabilities for a wide range of business applications. The Mercury Cloud provides Enterprise Cloud services for Oracle products - optimizing our infrastructure for application inter-operability, system performance, and secure user access.

The Mercury Enterprise Cloud supports tens of thousands of business users daily. We recognize that great service extends beyond physical infrastructure and our service includes world-class support to keep critical applications running at peak performance and provide technical assistance to business users 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

The bar is set high for Enterprise systems, from regulatory compliance to data security to business continuity platforms. It is difficult if not impossible to implement all of the necessary protocols on today's IT in-house budgets. Many organizations take short-cuts or simply do not comply with the requirements to ensure reliable, safe, and secure operations. With Mercury Cloud we deliver all of this on your first day of service.

"Application Cloud"

The Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud provides the benefits of a SAAS solution without having you lose control of the Oracle software or your data. With the Mercury Cloud your Oracle software licenses are purchased and owned by you - giving you flexibility to move your applications and data. In addition, the Mercury Cloud can significantly lower your cost of operations as SAAS rental fees add up over time - often in excess of upfront software purchase and maintenance fees. Step up to the Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud and save time, save money, and improve your operations!

Some of the many benefits Mercury's "Application Cloud" offers:

Service Delivery

All Mercury Cloud facilities are located in the United States. This provides you the highest level of legal, regulatory, and service quality protections.

  • East and West Coast Data Centers provide geographic separation of Production and Non-Production systems (enhancing business continuity).
  • With Service Centers in Washington D.C., Irvine, CA, and Honolulu, HI we use a modified "follow the sun" support model.
  • Mercury Cloud is 100% staffed with Mercury employees - no contractors, no consultants, no temporary staff.

Is Mercury Cloud Right For You?

There are many reasons to migrate to Mercury Cloud - existing system instability, escalating costs of ownership, poor service and support, and risk exposure to name just a few. With answers for these - and many other issues - Mercury Cloud is a win-win for both your IT and user communities!

Use Mercury Technology for any new Oracle implementations Use Mercury Technology to replace your old hardware Use Mercury Technology to upgrade your current applications Use Mercury Technology to lower your operating costs Mercury Technology has trained experts on-call 24/7/365 Do You Need Assistance With Business Continuity Plans?

Whether you're looking to implement, upgrade, improve quality, reduce costs, or fill in missing service requirements you can be confident that the Mercury Enterprise Application Cloud is the right choice for you and your business!

Best Practice ➞ By Design

By nature Oracle environments are complex with various technologies tightly coupled to provide an enterprise-wide system. The maintenance and support of these systems requires expertise in multiple disciplines with cross platform experience and software management best practice. From comprehensive system monitoring to secure network architectures to multiple layers of system backup and recovery strategies the framework for providing seamless operations can be daunting for most in-house organizations.

Maintaining and supporting Oracle systems is what we do and it has been our sole focus from the beginning. For the past 20 years Mercury's' goal has been to design, develop, and deliver service and support solutions centered on Oracle products. Through our evolution from consulting to hosting to cloud services we have identified essential components to every Oracle Managed Services engagement. In each area, our best practices (based on ITIL standards) provide a reliable and repeatable high quality service.

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